My aphrodisiac is you

Monday, February 06, 2006 | 0 Comments

Some people say
That oysters make you come on strong,
But I don't buy it,
I don't believe my diet turns me on.

Won't take no pills,
That's the last thing that I need to do,
I can't deny it,
My aphrodisiac is you.

Alright, I could sniff some powdered rhino horn,
And go to bed in rubber gloves.
But I don't need no stimulation,
Potions, balms or embrocation,
I'm in love, in other words...

Some people like
To read the khama sutra first,
But I don't need it
I think if I should read it
I'd be worse;

Don't ask me why,
Because baby, I ain't got a clue.
I just concede it,
My aphrodisiac is you.
Katie Melua

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