Memoirs of a Geisha

Friday, January 27, 2006 | 0 Comments

I am a geisha...
I became a woman before I find out what is being a girl. My body was taken away from me and without it my soul flew away.
Before I painted my lips with red I tasted the blood inside my mouth, sometimes I pass my tongue in the place it used to be injured always expecting to find there that same pain.
Can we but together what has been broken?
You are beautiful, they say...and I saw their faces follow my trace, but I have no path.
You are beautiful, they say...and I choose the most fashionable and pretty clothes and my best smile to carry on, but I'm always nacked and the smile in my face is just a part of the white mask I wear.
You are beautiful and we like you, they say...but they just like to entertain them. I have no lover and I shall not love. Lonelyness is my weight.
They say a geisha is an artist, and an artist I am. My hands as a misterious will, my eyes travel in the deepness of other eyes, my perfume stays after I have left.
They say I have to be strong and I get stronger, they say I have to continue and I move foward, but my world is fragile and so am I.
I love beauty and I change moments of tears in unforgotten cristal fragments, these sustains me through all my life giving me the courage to go further.
Now in the night I walk and I hear my steps on the empty street and it's echo souns like an army of shadows behind me.

Sayuri, butterfly of the night

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