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Anonymous said...


Looking toward the future
with a frightened eye
staring down uncertainty
trying to pass the quiet nights
without letting my mind go astray

There are too many thoughts
I can't bear to think
too many possibilities
I don't have the courage to consider

I'm not scared of the future
just blinded by dreams gone awry
living in a past
checkered with defeats
and cradling ideals long since lost and forgotten

No journey has gone the direction I planned
No sprint has moved at the pace I wanted
So now I sit here
completely out of dreams
pining for what should have been
but never will be
frightened by possibilities turned into destinies
and clinging on to improbable hope
slipping through my fingers

Uncertain about everything
save what I fear
Destined for nothing
but what I despise

There is no glorious future
there is no happy end
just a game of self-deceit
that never quite fulfills


Mei and Arawn