The noon is hot, and the wind is still
against this sleep only my will
So I write to you,
just to say, as an ordinary day
I miss you...

I Just left this here so you’d know
I still think of you from time to time
And I miss the last week
When we could talk
About anything, our thoughts,
The way we grow.

I Just left this here so you’d know
You have been a friend to me
A sweeter soul, there will never be
I talk to you and my world is all right
Your kindness brings me sweet delight
You hold me up, you make me fly
You comfort me so I won't cry
You fill me up with self-esteem
You truly are a fairy queen
I want to stay always beside you
If you need a shoulder, remember I have two
I shall forever be your friend
Your luminiscent angel till the faiding end

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