Saturday, August 19, 2006 | 1 Comments

I'm laying in the darkness,
I cannot fall asleep.
I wish for a call or beep.
I wake up early in then morning.
I crossed every road every street.
I just stopped when I couldn't stand on my feet.

I can't stop now, if you depend on my will.
I cry very quiet laying very still.
I have no ideias I'm so blue.
I don't know what to do.
No keys turning, nobody coming in the door.
No footsteps on the floor.

I went out for a walk,
for fresh air and moonlight
I have no friends for a talk.
I'm a foreigner crossing the night.
In my head a huge fight
drowning in so many things to say
about about what I did today.

I'm laying in the darkness,
I cannot fall asleep.
I wish for a call or beep.
I feeling odd, kind of sick, so fragil, so small.
I wish that someone notice, someone give me call.
The only ringing is the sound of my heart.
I do everything I can
and even do wherever I go
it seems I can't do my part.

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Jorge said...

An Angel laid down on me

An Angel laid down on me. Without warning, permission or willing of my own. An Angel with a kind and docile way to move, to talk... to think.
I can feel it in every breath I take, in every thought. And the world can see the angel's touch at the glint of my glance. Can, but won't! For them, you don't exist. And even those few that can see you, don't realize how special you are!
In fact, even I don't see you anymore. But that's ok. I can feel your touch in every second I feel alive. And I dream of you flying through gardens of memories and fonts of birthing life. And at the evening you lay down between the branches of an old oak, and breath the warm light of the fading sun... just like a photograh you so much adore.

Thank you for your touch *


Mei and Arawn